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"I don't see that Christianity does help one learn anything, to be honest... nothing useful, anyhow."

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18yo Veronika with 50 guys in bukkake gangbang Part 2

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  1. Знакомства
    Nesar1 year ago

    And barely a rattle of your cage in your prattle. If it?s congratulations you want to give, try this on. I realized that an earlier comment you made about "convincing a majority of Social Science scholars of my views" has an even clearer response. What the hell do you think my perspective is predicated upon? I have a BSc in Bio Anthro and a Masters in IR, worked in Social Services for some time where I got trained by Education PhD?s in counseling.

  2. Vot
    Vot1 year ago

    What a ridiculous claim. I'm more than ready to 'comprehend' (that IS the word you meant to use, right? Because you APPREHEND a suspect in a crime) this 'spirit' realm. I'm just waiting for any sort of verifiable evidence that it actually exists.

  3. Знакомства
    Mikat1 year ago

    Would that be the same set of values Arnaud Amalric has based his famous quote upon?

  4. Arashiramar
    Arashiramar1 year ago

    Hardly, but mock as you will.

  5. Знакомства
    Zulukus1 year ago

    Wow,what did it do.

  6. Full motion strip poker
    Kigajinn11 months ago

    I hope my atheism never brings me to place where my desire to help my fellow creatures less fortunate is viewed as immoral. I think this stems from one god, personal god, you alone are responsible for salvation, it's narcissistic by nature. I am more interested in ammancipating the victims of human rights abuses among us even if it causes me some personal discomfort.

  7. Знакомства
    Nalabar11 months ago

    I'm someone who worked and studied under Jesuits for 4 years. Do you want to know the truth or do you have to come up with some bullshit about how Jesuits secretly control the world?

  8. Judal
    Judal11 months ago

    You can't know anything when dead. Obviously.

  9. Full motion strip poker
    Nijora11 months ago

    I never twisted a thing. In fact, I've been consistent since the start.

  10. Full motion strip poker
    Tek11 months ago

    Fvck missed another goal

  11. Dolmaran
    Dolmaran11 months ago

    I believe people are what they believe. Otherwise you are making the no true scotsman fallacy... a topic i'm almost certain we've digressed into ad nauseum.

  12. Знакомства
    Ket11 months ago

    Kidding ? It's a given that the spit is already in the sauce anyway. EVERYBODY eats someone elses spit these days.

  13. Nijin
    Nijin11 months ago

    Well when you said "So is weightlifting. But i can't write off my gym membership as a medical expense." I read that as pre and post natal care shouldn't be covered by health insurance. I might have been reading too much into it, but that's how interpreted it.

  14. Full motion strip poker
    Tajind11 months ago

    If it becomes an issue, build a backyard thunderdome, and let then sort it out.

  15. Gokree
    Gokree11 months ago

    The article was clear. Unfortunately there was only one picture provided in the article and as such that was all I could provide in the posting of this discussion.

  16. Vudonris
    Vudonris10 months ago

    The real issue is the doxing. There is little chance they can cliam no harm there

  17. Bakinos
    Bakinos10 months ago

    Morning y'all. Hope all is well. Just found out some high school spoiled kids cut down 20 trees at a school near by. This is very sad and I hope they are all caught. Maybe the parents can pay some fines and get some punishment also.

  18. Daira
    Daira10 months ago

    So if those kids parents were sexually abusing them nobody has a say in what happens to them?

  19. Zulrajas
    Zulrajas9 months ago

    How typical! Another leftist projecting his failings upon me.

  20. Знакомства
    Kekazahn9 months ago

    From: Phil Jones <[email protected]>

  21. Full motion strip poker
    Nebei9 months ago

    America got over the Roseanne issue quick enough with FOX taking over her show and I am sure that fans of Ivanka will look after this has-been comedian the same way it handled Kathy Griffen...

  22. Знакомства
    Tule9 months ago

    Dennis Rodman playing b-ball

  23. Kajar
    Kajar8 months ago

    Kate. Andrea is living the delusion she has a chance.

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