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"Meek and humble? Balls out!"

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    Tojarn11 months ago

    Obama was the dictator. Obama didn?t want the multi trillion dollar Paris Treaty to go through congress and be voted on by the people democratically, so he called it an Accord and made his own decision. Obama didn?t want the people to decide on the ACA, so he didn?t let us see it until it was passed. Obama said he?ll get his agenda done, with or without congress, and republicans can come for a ride if they want, but they?ll have to sit in the back.

  2. Kira
    Kira11 months ago

    You put too much effort into your analysis. It was a common enough error by someone who didn't know the actual word to use. That doesn't make it immensely clever. It's like using the phrase "one in the same" because you've only ever heard it spoken.

  3. Yotaur
    Yotaur10 months ago

    Wait, how do you know "the quantum world has no mind of its own"?

  4. Elder mature grannies movie galleries
    Maujinn10 months ago

    Hawking did not attempt to "sneak something into nothing", you simply do not understand what he said, and your premise being false, your conclusion is necessarily false or unsound.

  5. Zologar
    Zologar10 months ago

    It's at least partially media's fault. Media convinced these Leftards that the whole country supports their nutty, hate-based behavior. Libtards think they represent the majority of Americans, when in reality they're a tiny minority that most people have no sympathy for.

  6. Gugar
    Gugar10 months ago

    Generational...okay, perhaps..but part & parcel of that also begs the question if this is also a subtle way of gauging/parring down a potential guest list. Just HOW connected can the invitee actually BE if they are unsure of WTF is actually going on AND/OR is/isn't worthy of a decent answer when they inquire WTF???

  7. Знакомства
    Mozuru10 months ago

    Your comment to me

  8. Zolocage
    Zolocage10 months ago

    At first, I thought the OP was going to be "don't paint all christians with the same brush". Something, I could get totally on board with.

  9. Знакомства
    Dujinn9 months ago

    They are deftly sweethearts there in Iran aren't they?

  10. Elder mature grannies movie galleries
    Grokasa9 months ago

    We follow Jesus, each one of us & if the cause is just, we will no

  11. Знакомства
    Molmaran9 months ago

    I'd prefer not to have someone who hates me make a food product for me. Just sayin'

  12. Знакомства
    Moogugore9 months ago

    The one I see the most threads made about is ?You can?t prove god, so that proves there?s no god?.

  13. Elder mature grannies movie galleries
    Yolkree9 months ago

    Just for you, Dzlbrnr. Just for you.

  14. Faell
    Faell9 months ago

    Lol Yes he makes us all chuckle and sad at the same time

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